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Dr. Pedro Alzari - Mechanistic insights into physiological signaling pathways mediated by actinobacterial Ser/Thr protein kinases

Pedro Alzari

Institut Pasteur, Paris

Mechanistic insights into physiological signaling pathways mediated by actinobacterial Ser/Thr protein kinases

Once thought to be essentially confined to eukaryotic organisms, Ser/Thr phosphosignalling is currently known to also play important roles in prokaryotes. Thus, the number of genes coding for Hanks-type Ser/Thr protein kinases (STPKs) equals or even exceeds that of two component systems in several actinobacteria. Among these, Mycobacterium tuberculosis has possibly become one of the most studied organisms for the role of STPK-mediated signaling in prokaryotes. During this seminar, I will present some examples of our work on O-phosphorylation mechanisms involved in actinobacterial metabolism and cell division. The results illustrate an emerging landscape in which conserved – eukaryotic-like – STPKs can be engaged in unique – non-eukaryotic-like – signaling mechanisms.

Selected publications

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30 Mar

11:00 - 12:00

Online seminar