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Communication and Scientific Outreach

The mission of the Communication and Scientific Outreach Office is to develop and implement the communication strategy of the IPBS and to carry out scientific outreach work, communicating CNRS policy to both internal (to facilitate interactions between scientists) and external (to bring the scientists and the Institute into contact with different groups: e.g., citizens, decision-makers, and associations) audiences.

The Communication Office of the Institute works with the communications offices of the CNRS office for the Occitanie-Ouest region and University of Toulouse III – Paul Sabatier to increase the visibility of the Institute, to provide the scientific community with information about the scientific life of the Institute and to inform the public of the Institute’s activities.Its missions include:

  • producing written communication material (articles in newspapers, internal newsletters, press releases, brochures, booklets, flyers), and visual or audiovisual material; 
  • organizing institutional events (exhibitions, trade fairs, press conferences, etc.). Contacting, liaising with and coordinating the various partners (researchers, faculty, institutions, associations, professionals, etc.);
  • planning and coordinating the various stages of implementation of communication activities. Checking the pipeline and the quality and adherence to schedules for subcontracted work.


Our activities mostly concern the provision of organizational support for international meetings supported by our Institute, the development of relationships between academic institutions and scientific outreach work ; 

  • Liaising with the Communication Department of the CNRS and with other research institutes, to facilitate the organization of events of scientific interest, particularly those for young people (e.g. Fête de la Science) at regional level ;
  • Preparing scientific information for use in communication, in close collaboration with the IPBS management and researchers ;
  • Dealing with multidisciplinary aspects of scientific information



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