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Integrative Biological NMR

Andrew Atkinson & Olivier Saurel

Group Leaders

Our research focuses on the development of NMR and MD methods and their applications in structural biology and to the biophysics of membranes. We characterize pathogen-derived lipids and study their effects on pathogen or host membranes, and analyze intermolecular processes involving membrane proteins (ligand-receptor, metal transport), with a particular focus on mycobacterial infection.

The Integrative Biological NMR group applies its expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to pursue ambitious projects in structural biology with important implications in pharmacology. The structure, dynamics and interactions of biomolecules are the three pillars for elucidating biochemical processes at atomic resolution. NMR combined with MD simulations is ideally suited to the study of such processes. We continuously explore new avenues, such as the structure and function of complex membrane assemblies, and the influence of macromolecular dynamics on interactions, in the context of bacterial infection.


Structure, dynamics, and interactions of macromolecules, with a focus on membrane proteins.
In recent years, we have characterized the internal dynamics of OmpA from Klebsiella pneumoniae in liposomes using fast-MAS solid state NMR (2017, JACS). In the high impact field of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs), we determined the structures and characterized the dynamics of dynorphin and ghrelin agonists bound to KOR and GHSR receptors, respectively (2015, 2019, PNAS).

Our current research focuses on understanding key molecular processes involved in Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) infection and the defence mechanisms developed by Mtb in macrophages. Host membrane proteins include receptors for which ligand binding at the cell surface leads to activation of intracellular signaling pathways. We are currently studying the human C-lectin Mincle to understand its interactions with glycolipids from Mtb that contribute to mycobacterial virulence and stimulate the host immune system.

The transmembrane signaling mechanisms are poorly understood but are thought to involve interactions with the FcRgamma receptor. We are seeking to characterize these interactions experimentally and using MD simulations.
Human macrophages respond to Mtb infection by raising the concentration of zinc ions to levels that are toxic to the mycobacterium. To counteract this response, mycobacterial metallochaperones coupled to metal efflux pumps of the P-type ATPase superfamily of membrane-bound proteins act to reduce the metal ion concentration. We are studying the molecular mechanisms involved in the interaction of the metallochaperone Zmc with the P-type ATPase CtpC (collaboration with O. Neyrolles, IPBS).

Biophysics of membranes, with a focus on the Mtb envelope.

Mycobacterial lipids constitute the building blocks of the extremely thick mycobacterial envelope which constitutes a diffusion barrier to drugs, thus contributing to Mtb persistence. In addition to binding to host receptors such as Mincle, they also serve as virulence factors acting on the host membrane, causing damage and modulating the immune response. We are investigating the structure and dynamic of these lipids (e.g. DIM, 2019 PNAS) by solid-state NMR and MD simulations to decipher their role in Mtb infection.



Macromolecular interactions by NMR : Solution structure of the THAP zinc finger of THAP1 in complex with its DNA target (PDB entry 2KO0).

© Olivier Saurel


Main Publications

Ferré et al. (2019) Structure and dynamics of G protein-coupled receptor-bound ghrelin reveal the critical role of the octanoyl chain. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA


Augenstreich et al. (2019) The conical shape of DIM lipids promotes Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection of macrophages. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA


Gervais et al. (2018) Small molecule-based targeting of TTD-A dimerization to control TFIIH transcriptional activity represents a potential strategy for anticancer therapy. J Biol Chem


Saurel et al. (2017) Local and global dynamics in Klebsiella pneumoniae Outer membrane protein A in lipid bilayers probed at atomic resolution. J Am Chem Soc


Carrel et al. (2017) Identification of specific posttranslational O-mycoloylations mediating protein targeting to the mycomembrane. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA


Cukier et al. (2017) NMR secondary structure and interactions of recombinant human MOZART1 protein, a component of the gamma-tubulin complex. Protein Sci


Menchon et al. (2016) Structure-based virtual ligand screening on the XRCC4/DNA ligase IV interface. Sci Rep


O’Connor et al. (2015) NMR structure and dynamics of the agonist dynorphin peptide bound to the human kappa opioid receptor. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA



Andrew Atkinson

CNRS Senior Research Associate

Alain Milon

Professor - University of Toulouse

Georges Czaplicki

Professor - University of Toulouse

Pascal Demange

CNRS Research director

Matthieu Chavent

CNRS Research associate

Evert Haanappel

CNRS Research associate

Isabelle Muller

Associate Professor - University of Toulouse

Valerie Réat

CNRS Research associate

Olivier Saurel

CNRS Engineer

Research Assistants

Nathalie Doncescu

CNRS Engineer

Pascal Ramos

University of Toulouse Engineer

Olivier Saurel

CNRS Engineer

PhD students

Guillaume Ferre


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Collaborations inside France

  • L. Mourey, M. Daffé, M. Tropis, P. Calsou, O. Cuvillier, IPBS, University of Toulouse – CNRS
  • M. Remaud-Siméon, A. Marty, I. André, R. Fauré, M. J. O’Donohue, LISBP, University of Toulouse – INRA - CNRS
  • J. F. Arnal, I2MC, University of Toulouse – INSERM
  • J.L. Banères, IBMM, Montpellier
  • S. Granier, IGF, Montpellier
  • G. Pintacuda, CRMN, Lyon


International Collaborations

  • M. Baldus, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
  • L. Eggeling, IBG-1, Jülich, Germany
  • V. Cherezov and R. Stevens, USC, Los Angeles, USA
  • K. Wüthrich, The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, USA
  • J.A. Bengoechea, Queen’s University, Belfast, UK