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Photo de Rosie Dawaliby

The IPBS is pleased to welcome Rosie Dawaliby, founder of G.CLIPS biotech

  As part of its policy of…
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Isabelle Saves reçois la médaille de cristal du CNRS 2020

Isabelle Saves receives the CNRS Crystal Medal 2020

As head of international cooperation,…
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The Bettencourt Schueller Foundation supports TB research at IPBS

Cellular imaging of mycobacteria (red) in…
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Marcoux medal

Julien Marcoux is awarded the CNRS bronze Medal

The CNRS bronze Medal recognizes the…
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Toulouse has been selected to host the 6th Global Forum on Tuberculosis Vaccines

Toulouse has been selected to host the 6th Global…
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Corinne Cayrol, laureate of the National Academy of Medicine

On December 17th in Paris, Dr…
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C Muller

The Muller-Staumont team is awarded the Ligue contre le cancer label

The "Microenvironment, Cancer and…
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JPG Highly cited

Jean-Philippe Girard enters the list of the most influential researchers in the world

  Jean-Philippe Girard,…
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IPBS and the TRI-Genotoul platform are equipped with a Zeiss Lattice SIM super-resolution microscope for the investigation of living organisms

Fluorescence microscopy analysis of cells…
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Julien Marcoux, laureate of the ANR Young Researchers programme 2019

CNRS Research associate Julien Marcoux&nbsp…
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